Jay Fund

The Jay Kenney Fund is a relic of the Jay Kenney Foundation, which began making grants in 1994. The Fund continues to function like a very small family foundation. It makes grants to a variety of organizations and acts as a funding vehicle for the Board’s personal interests. The total grants budget in the past few years has been approximately $70,000. Some areas of interest overlap with those of the Wick Kenney Fund, many do not. In the past, the fund has supported a variety of local, national, and international organizations, including the Museum for Contemporary Art, Denver Art Museum, AIDS Relief Fund China, Curious Theatre, Threepenny Review, Lab at Belmar, KCFR, KUVO, KVNF, and Lighthouse Writers Workshops. On the recreation and environmental side we have funded the Arkansas River Trust, Backcountry Snowsports Alliance, American Whitewater, Grand Canyon Private Boaters, New York Rivers United, Montana Land Reliance, Ecuadorian Rivers Institute, Colorado Whitewater, Volunteers for Outdoor Colorado, and many others.

We do not accept or solicit letters of inquiry or grant proposoals.

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